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    Welcome to join the Webinar “How to Take Part and Succeed in the FDI Moot”

    As the exclusive National Organiser for the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot Shenzhen (FDI Moot Shenzhen) and the Supporting Organiser for the FDI Moot Globals, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA) cordially invites you to join the Webinar focused on “How to Take Part and Succeed in the FDI Moot” on 7th May 2020 (today) at 9:00pm (Shenzhen Time).

    Over the past 13 years, the FDI Moot has become one of the most prestigious international student competitions. Come and hear some of the FDI Moot’s most successful (current and recent) coaches discuss key aspects of guiding a team to FDI Moot success. The moderators will steer the conversation through 9 topics:

    1.Institutional approval, support (academic credit and funding)

    2.Funding (non-institutional, sponsors, own resources)

    3.Recruiting team members, organizing and motivating a team, dealing with personalities and disappointments

    4.Assuring team members know enough about the law of Investor-State arbitration, substance and procedure

    5.Research & Drafting


    7.Practice & (External) Feedback

    8.Travel, Lodging

    9.Post-Moot “Maximization” (PR, media, internal and external)

    Teams and coaches who are interested in taking part in the FDI Moot Shenzhen, please register by scanning the QR Code below to enter the on-line registration system by 6:00pm. The webinar will be conducted via the platform of ZOOM and the accessing link will be sent to you once you are successfully registered. Viewers can raise questions via the registration system and the panelists will try to answer them during the live-stream or respond to them later via the comments.

    The seats are limited and first come, first reserved.


    How to Take Part and Succeed in the FDI Moot

    QR Code for Registration